Tuesday, July 13, 2010

¡ Bienvenidos a Tu Vida !

This is it.

So I was on skype with my mom a few days ago, and was talking about a little bit of apprehension I'm feeling about returning to the States. As of right now, I feel removed, in a sense, from much of the nerves and anxieties that usually accompany me, and I was telling my mom that "I'm a little worried about the backlash I'm going to face when I return to my life."

"...when I return to my life..."

And she said, "Well, what do you mean, your life, you're living right now, aren't you? Maybe this is your life, and California is a trip!"

What I meant was, when I return to my habitual routine, my norm. But I compartmentalized the schedule I keep in the States to remain there and the routine I've picked up here, to stay here. Who's to say, however, that I can't integrate a bit of them both?

There will always be variations in the habits and routines we accumulate in different places, but that's not to say that you become a different person, nor that those schedules are tied to those places indefinitely. Wherever you go, there you are. You are still you, no matter where you go and you can still be true to yourself and your values. If I value physical fitness, I can find ways to exercise without a gym at my disposal. If I can exist with a lesser level of anxiety here, than I can absolutely do that in the States, too, no?

Wherever you go, there YOU are.

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