Sunday, October 10, 2010

recent dream

I had a dream last night, where two daddy-long-legs were wrestling. One was black, and the other was white. I remember watching them, in my dream, thinking, "They have so many legs to kick with. I can't imagine having so many limbs. How cool!"

They were wrestling in a manner in which their bodies were on top of each other, with their legs coming around to push the other off itself. They were moving around quite a bit, and although my initial interpretation was that they were fighting, the movement could have also been some fit of passion.

I'm wondering if the black and white colors might correspond to the light and dark associations of yin and yang respectively; the male and female aspects of life. Maybe the yin and yang are fighting... or making love... in my life.

Or maybe I live in a house with ants and spiders everywhere, and that's what caused the dream, and my biology homework is what is prompting the interpretation..

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