Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yin and Yang

My boyfriend and I are doing the long-distance thing. As with any relationship, there are more an less difficult times, but a few weeks ago, I was feeling frustrated by our communication patterns that were emerging. I felt an imbalance in our relationship. The feeling was taking hold over the course of several days, and one night, I went to a Kirtan, during which I was very tired. It was just before the last chant of the night that I thought I would quietly make my leave, unnoticed, when the kirtankaar (a very talented one named Tanuj) began his introduction to the final chant- a chant for balance between Shiva and Shakti- the male and female energies of the universe, respectively. I thought, "...Maybe I should stay..."

Later that night, after discussing and resolving the issue at hand, I felt much more balanced.

During his visit here, we were doing our yoga practice, and he commented on how his right side has more tension and pain than his left, and at almost the same moment I noticed the increased tightness on my left side as opposed to my right, and a light bulb turned on for me. In (most) Traditional Chinese Medicine literature, it is claimed that Yang energy (associated with male energy) resides on the right side of the body, and Yin energy (associated with female energy) resides on the left side of the body.

While there is some controversy about how to diagnose the imbalance between Yin and Yang energy, and because it, as well as everything else in the body, is interdependent, it's difficult to make any clear and definitive distinctions of causation. It may be that pain on the left side is signaling an issue with Yin forces; however, it could also be interpreted that there is a manifestation of Yang on the left side because of a problem with the masculine forces. Complicated.

It was interesting, though, to be confronted with the seemingly opposite nature of my pain and my partner's pain. Maybe, instead of opposite being attracted to one another, rather they compliment each other.

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